Ride to the Other Side

The Rotary Club of Armadale in Western Australia aims to raise one million dollars for Rotary projects and other great charities through a fundraising adventure called Ride to the Other Side. Ride to the Other Side involves a Hustler Super Z ride on mower being driven around Australia over a five year period.

Flagship Communications was engaged by Ride to the Other Side Team to promote the event through the media and third party websites. This has involved; drafting and distributing media releases and alerts, managing media inquiries and developing story ideas and news hooks. Flagship Communications also provided support for Ride to the Other Side social media campaign. Our strategy for this campaign was to deliver our key messages through a variety of communication tools and activities. These include media releases, stakeholder emails, video news releases, live interviews, planned photography and promotion through third party websites.

During the last four years Flagship Communications and Craig Alford have accomplished significant growth and awareness for Ride to the Other Side. Last year over a 4 week period in June, Ride to the Other Side received 10 online mentions, 7 newspaper articles, 5 radio interviews and 4 Television acknowledgments. Kim Larsen, Coordinator of Ride to the Other Side stated “We are all in no doubt that without the fantastic media coverage Ride to the Other Side has had over the last 4 years, most of Australia would not even know we exist and what we are trying to achieve.”

Customer: Craig Alford, Rotary Club Armidale
Services: Stakeholder Engagement
Media Management
Category: Community