Water Main Renewal Program

Sydney Water’s aim of the Water Main Renewal Program is to maintain clean and safe drinking water. This involves renewal or replacement of water mains in roads, private property, footpaths and parks. Veolia Water have been engaged by Sydney Water to complete this work throughout the Sydney metropolitan area. Flagship works as part of Veolia’s team on this project managing community relations.

As part of the delivery of this project Flagship has been responsible for; design and implementation of community relations and stakeholder engagement plans, identification of impacts of works, preparation of all notification letters, management of inquiries and complaints, training of staff in community relations, preparation of monthly reports and ensuring compliance with Sydney Water’s community consultation, guidelines, protocols and procedures.

Flagship’s approach to community relations for this project has been flexible and tailored to each work site with the level of engagement and communication activities has varied according to the potential impacts of the works.

Since December 2013, Veolia and Flagship have undertaken work at over 200 different sites. As a result of our approach to community relations, we have reduced the number of complaints which has enhanced the reputation of Veolia and Sydney Water amongst both key stakeholders and the wider community.

Customer: Sydney Water and Veolia Water
Services: Community Relations
Community Consultation
Stakeholder engagement
Category: Infrastructure