Redbank Estate Property Development

The owners of Redbank were seeking to rezone agricultural land to accommodate 1399 residential dwellings at North Richmond.

Prior to engaging Flagship Communications Hawkesbury Council had received nearly 200 individual objections to the re-zoning. There was also significant negative publicity in the local media.

To change public perception of the development, Flagship Communications was hired to develop and implement a stakeholder engagement and publicity campaign to re-position the project. This included the production and distribution of written material (view an example here) and one-on-one meetings with key stakeholders and local opinion leaders.

Feedback obtained during the engagement process supported features of the development and work practices. When the matter returned to Council it received less than 20 objections and was approved by Hawkesbury Council.

Customer: Investment Management Australia (IMA)
Services: Media management
Community Relations
Stakeholder engagement
Category: Property